Frequently Asked Questions

Why Organic Playdough?

Because we want the best free of harmful chemicals play time for our custumers.

How big are the playdough jars?

Currently all our jars are 4oz in volume and about 7oz in weight.

What are the ingredients and the colorants you use?

Though our full list of ingredients is proprietary,having been developed after many hours of experimentation, we are happy to share that we are using ONLY natural organic ingredients in making our PURE PLAYdough. An abbreviated list of ingredients includes: -Certified Organic wheat flour -Certified Organic virgin coconut oil -Organic plant based colors and -Pure 100 % therapeutic high quality essential oils.

What makes your Pure Playdough different?

Our playdough is made with organic ingredients and plant-based dyes.It is extremely soft and in jars with screw-on lids that provide an airtight seal to ensure the dough stays fresh.Our kits are beneficial sensory experience. It allows children to work with their hands and helps bring together the mind and body. And not the last our playdough is infused with high quality essential oils to bring aromatherapy while playing.Works well for the frustrated, anxious, hyperactive, or overly tired child. (And mama too:)

How long will the Pure Playdough last?

The play dough will keep for about 3 months then should be replaced, the better care you take of it, (see next question) the longer it will last.

How to keep my Pure Playdough fresh?

Play with it often (on a clean surface with clean hand) and always put back in the sealed jar after play. Store in a cool dark place. If dough dries out give it a good knead with your hands and if required add a few drops of water and continue kneading to restore softness.

Do you provide gift wrapping and packaging?

All of our sets will arrive in a box and packaged as a gift.

Can the scent be stronger?

We use high quality powerfull essential oils and the scent must be gentle for the kids,but it is enough to experience the aromatherapy.

What Happens if someone eats the Play Dough?

PUREPLAYdough is made from food-grade edible ingredients. Whilst not meant to be eaten, if some is consumed it's not harmful. Play Dough is still regarded as a toy, the importance of adult supervision is paramount!!

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